Just think about it: Real Christmas

Just think about it: Real Christmas

《Strange way of celebrating Christmas!
It should be Jesus’ birthday… what an important character the whole world celebrates! But it definitely looks like Jesus was not even invited to this celebration! What really matters is the holiday, not the celebrated person! As a matter of fact, many of those who celebrate His birthday will totally forget about Him for the rest of the year. They actually offend Him, they insult Him, they transgress His Word and trample His will. It is just as if my kids ignore me and offend me all year round, then they have a great party on my birthday, without even inviting me! Well, Christimas cannot bring peace and unity in a family, only Jesus can!
Christmas is not enough to heal those wounds coming from disappointments and betrayals. It takes the very main Character of Christmas, i.e. Jesus Christ!
As soon as Christmas finishes, everything becomes the same again. But if we allow Jesus to take over our life, everything changes and thrives, life gets colored and it gets better!
Yes, Jesus! Not a Jesus-idea, or a symbol, a theory, a religion, no! Jesus in person! A living Jesus, an actual, present, not-far-away Jesus! He can change your life!》


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